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"If you can make a can of soup or a bowl of oatmeal, you can brew beer."  As with most hobbies, brewing beer can be intimidating at times, but with a little space, time, ordinary kitchen items, and a lot of patience, anyone can brew.  The beauty of homebrewing is that there is no one right way to brew beer, and there is no end in sight to how advanced (or how expensive) one can go when it comes to the craft.  The goal of this website is to be a useful resource for others who want to learn how to brew their own beer. Homebrewers often learn from each other, because it is also said, "Give a man a beer, he wastes an hour. Teach a man to brew, he wastes a lifetime" (Bill Owen). Hope you find this website useful in your journey!


Features of HomeBrewDoc:


  • Lessons - How to guides from beginner to advanced


  • Blog - Compilations of informal and academic writing related to homebrewing and craft beer


  • Resources - Things I have found helpful to me as a homebrewer



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